It's quite well known that I'm a sucker for a good love story and the only thing better than hearing a good love story is capturing one. And that's why I love weddings. I love the big and bold ones just as much as I love the small and intimate ones and most of all I love that each one is unique to you and your story so far...

Whether your wedding takes place in Whitby or Harrogate, Knaresborough or The Dales, my approach will always be the same because I'm all about emotive storytelling that reflects who you are as a couple. I keep your whole day of wedding photography natural, I stick to the sidelines so as not to take over and I make sure to capture the unsuspected moments that happen by chance. During your ceremony I'll stay in one place as much as possible so as not to distract anyone but will make sure to capture your guests reactions as well as all that's happening up front. When it comes to your reception I'll seamlessly blend in to the group, chat with your guests and be there to capture the celebrations from all angles so that none of the unplanned highlights and details are missed.

You will have a slightly more structured section in between where we'll efficiently capture your family and couples portraits but even then I don't force people to pose a set way as I like to leave all the awkwardness and cheese at home, especially on wedding days. Your couple's portraits are a chance for you to chat, laugh and spend time together away from the crowd with only myself there to see so you won't feel watched or awkward and you'll create beautiful and natural once in a lifetime wedding portraits with a little guidance from me. Then before you know it you'll be back eating fine food and getting ready to dance the night away. Natural light will be utilized and manipulated throughout your day to ensure you are presented with a wedding gallery that screams elegance while showing off the fun loving people you are.


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