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A little back story to the Hands At Work Project.

It all started because I have this thing with hands...

I started this project in Summer 2020 because I am fascinated by people's hands and what they can do with them. There are so many highly skilled hands-on workers out there that do wonderful things every day and see it as just a job but I thought with the right capture and some pretty strict editing skills, their every day could make for some interesting and eye-catching art. I tested my theory with a willing volunteer and thankfully the images were a hit - Hands At Work was born.

So far I have learnt so much from spending just a few hours with people at their every day jobs. This project is putting me in situations I never thought I'd be in and it's letting me meet some fantastic people with fascinating jobs that love what they do just as much as I do.  We'll see where this goes but I hope you enjoy some of the work we've created so far.

If you're local to North Yorkshire and are interested in potentially taking part in the future, please send me a message via the Contact Page.


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