I love to work with natural light and natural people. My sessions all take place either outdoors at your choice of location or in your own home for one important reason: I want to see the real you shine through and your portraits to be captured somewhere with meaning to you. I'm very low fuss and posing is kept to a minimum for all my sessions so that when you look at your gallery, you see the real you. That being said I do offer prompts to help you throughout your session because I want you to get the most out of our time together. I'll suggest that you walk down a certain path, guide you to the area with the most flatering light and I'll be there to chat to the entire time to make sure you're having fun and have forgotten all about the camera.

I believe it's important to capture the emotion you radiate when you're doing something you enjoy with the people you love most but I also think it's just as important not to. Fleeting moments is what life is all about so there will be close-ups of you holding hands, your feet as you sit together on a bench, the way your little one held his arms out to balance while running and there'll be some of your little one clutching their favourite toy or a flower they just found. Because in years to come, these are the images that will hold all the emotion when you come across them again and that to me is just as imporant as freezing your smiling faces now.

Let me capture your magic, your crazy, your personality, your now so it can be frozen and perfectly preserved - there for whenever you need a trip down memory lane in the years to come. We'll laugh, we'll explore, we'll do a few where you look towards the camera and most of all we'll celebrate being alive and being in love because at the end of the day all that matters is you and the ones that enrich your world.


little work fact...

I'm passionate about prints. Sadly in this digital age so many people now don't print photographs due to having so many things on their mind and it's often seen as a waste of money which I think is a crying shame. There's a very small chance that people will treaure a USB for years to come or even be able to use it in the future. They will, however, treasure tangible and beautifully printed herilooms, just as you do of all the generations that came before you. So even if you choose to opt for a digital package with me, please please do print your memories somehow. After all, look how many computers can take a CD or floppy disk now.


As a child I was very interested in the world around me. Sundays were spent walking round the Valley Gardens in Harrogate with my Dad while I quizzed him on the world before we'd head home and I'd try to draw as many memories of my day as I could to show my Mum when she got back from work. As I got older my Dad decided it would be much easier for him if I had a little camera to take with me so that he wouldn't have to answer as many questions or help me draw as many ladybirds when we got home. That camera changed everything.

I loved the fact that thanks to this little box I could take a photo of something and I'd get to keep it, and therefore the moment, forever. The piece of paper was mine and no one else would ever take that exact same photo exactly like I would again. It blew my mind and I was hooked. Throughout my childhood and teenage years I kept on playing around with cameras, asking questions and teaching myself as much as I could about the art of photography. And that knowledge teamed with a love of life, a keen eye for magic moments and a desire to keep on learning is what I have built, and continue to grow, my business on. 

But that's not all that inspired me to become a photographer, the secret is that I'm a huge fan of adventuring down the rabbit hole of nostalgia. To me there's nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa, grabbing a box of photos and looking at each one and remembering the moment contained in it. It's amazing how a single image can transport you to a certain time, place, smell and feeling without you having to move at all. And that is the sole reason I knew I was meant to do this wonderful, crazy and everchanging job - I needed to preserve moments for as many people as I could so that they would always have a tangible memory to a time otherwise left to their history. Photographs allow us to meet relatives that we sadly never got chance to in person, they allow us to celebrate our victories time and time again with as many people as we know and most importantly, they allow us to freeze moments that should never be forgotten. They prove that we loved, that we laughed and most importantly that we grabed life by the hands and lived.

little life facts...

I was born in '92. I'm a massive fan of the British countryside and enjoy short breaks to new places. I've always loved dance and musical theatre and it's the one thing I miss most about living in Harrogate (sorry Mum and Dad). Family is everything to me though and I'd be totally lost without mine; we enjoy belly laughs and getting lost together and my Grandma is my idol - if I could bottle her up I would. I'm easily excited, naturally creative, terrible at following film plots but pretty skilled at making people realise just how wonderful they are.

"actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures"

Lewis Carroll